Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Why we don't own NEW things

This is a list of why we don't own NEW things
-My parents threw out their old end tables one weekend and I loaded them up in my truck and glued the legs back together and they now sit in my living room. MM got ahold of my drink last night and spilt the tea on one end table. It has a glass top. The tea ran under the top and it's sitting in a pool on both corners. How do we get under the glass. Is that why mom wouldn't let us bring drinks in the living room?

-Our couch and love seat was bought from a friend of a friend. It's beige...with tea stains!

-I went rummaging last weekend and bought 2 lamps to go on the end tables. They are a pretty crystal and I bought 2 new lamp shades to match my antique floor lamp-discovered at an auction. But the big guy thinks all this new light makes it too bright, so he's right behind me, dimming the lights.

-Our kitchen table is a hand me down. This table is also featured in the Big Guy's baby pictures! One time the drop leaf was not secured and tested before we set the table for dinner and the roast ended up on the wall and floor!

-The back door leads directly to the kitchen. There is no area to drop off shoes and hats and coats. We've tracked in so much in that kitchen. So I went to wal mart and bought this huge, pretty rug - it is not pretty anymore. I told the Big Guy, he can buy the next rug and see how much it cost. Maybe he'll take off his shoes next time he comes in the house.

Why don't we own new things? Maybe it's because we don't deserve them! Maybe its because we live like real people and walk in real dirt in our real shoes. We have hobbies, wait, HE has hobbies! I have MM to keep me busy. Life isn't perfect, and either is my house.
Crystal Kellner

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Lisa said...

We waited for quite some time to get any sort of new furniture. Seth destroyed a number of things, even smashing a lipstick into new carpet. (Trashed it.) And now that he's older we finally did get some new furniture. We got leather couches. And this is good because I found out in March that it is much easier to clean vomit off of leather. So when the time comes to get new stuff.... go for the leather! heehee