Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Dear Daughter, First Day of High School

Dear Daughter,
Here are somethings I want you to know before on your first day of High School.

You will have Homework

Homework comes first.  That was the rule for me when I was in High School.  Set the phone down, turn down the music and study.  Take good notes, and ask questions. 

On your way to class, Smile to other students.  Don't roll your eyes at this, you are making someone else's day.

Practice Hard

I have told you and your brothers this all the time. When you practice, play like you are trying out for the team.  Put all you have into your practices, and your hard work will pay off.  You don't just get a spot on the team, you earn it.

Your Friends Matter

You are so blessed to be surrounded by good friendships.  They are beautiful, smart and hardworking. If they have the same values as you do, I pray you will l lift each other up.  Include all, and trust a few.

Get Up!

Those friends who thought that were your friends? Sometimes they will push you down.   Get back up.  I'm sorry that this hurts, but I have been there.  You will get through this.

Everything you do is Public

I've always said, as soon as you do something, your dad and I will find out.  When we were in HS, we didn't have social media.  Everything you do is public.  Be mindful of what you post on Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Trust God

I know you have a great love for God.  Before you were even old enough to realize the why you have pushed me to go to church on Sunday's I wanted to sleep in.  Trust God in the decisions you make. If you set your mind to it, you can do it.

Lean on Me

Lean on me, your dad, your grandparents.  Your support system will always be here for you.

Crystal Kellner