Thursday, May 11, 2006

Double Trouble

This is my little helper. Since planting season, I have been out talking to farmers and handing out coke and candy bars to our customers. One night I made a stop after I picked MM up. I think she's ready to go! Maybe she would have changed her mind if this 4-wheeler was turned on and running!

Is this what you could call double trouble? After I downloaded this picture today, it occured to me...what would I do w/ TWO MMs? Her real personality comes out in these pictures. She is so excited when her dad comes home early and then it is like she is making up for lost time, getting in all the play time she can before bed time. When it is bed time, she lets us know, she is half way up the stairs, ready for bath, jammies and bed time.

Crystal Kellner

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IzzyMom said...

What a cute picture! She looks so happy :)

PS: You commented in my blog a while back. Just dropped in to say hi and thanks.