Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Left Over Candy

This is something I got this weekend from my sister's inlaw-inlaws...She makes toddler bibs. I love them, even though the sleeves are a bit long, it works out great and saves the outfits!

We are still finding left over Easter Candy around the house. I did buy her some chocolate for Easter, along what was in her eggs. Last night I found a box to put the eggs in and I was sorting through the eggs and found more candy. MM still refers to candy as "Yum,Yum."

We wore her out last night by playing outside before we cooked on our new grill. She likes to help outside, but we still have to keep an eye out on her. She has a mini shovel she will use to move around some mulch and dirt. Then she will be off and running in the yard. Like a boomerang, she comes back.

I am glad she is starting to feel better this week. Her sores are gone and she is in a better mood. Our evenings have become somewhat normal this week since the Big Guy has been rained out of working late nights. Last week he would come home around 9 or 10 o'clock. We are getting some honey-do jobs done, but there is lots to do at our house! We finally put her Little Tykes slide together. I bought it at a resale shop and got it for a great price. Thanks Nana! It took both of us to put it together. Of course, MM was right there , under all the chaos excited about her new toy. Last night when we unloaded the grill from the truck she was right there! Can't miss a thing.
Crystal Kellner

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Lisa said...

The long-sleeved bibs are a great idea. Very cool. And I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for giving me a link to it.