I am a busy mom and I am married to a busy dad.  Throw in three busy kids, we always seem to look forward to the weekends to spend time together, hence, Chasing Saturdays.

I grew up on a farm.  We raised and showed registered Simmental cattle. I learned about chores, cleaning out pens, grooming, showing, nutrition, and what it felt to be stepped on in the middle of a show.  It's life, people.  I still dream about raising cattle.  I spend a lot of day dreaming where we would have a pasture, where I would put my barn, and how it would feel to  have the first heifer step foot on our farm.

It's our dream to build a farm for our kids to play, learn, and raise livestock. We also will enjoy the time outdoors to hunt, fish, and trap. If they weather is too cold, I'll be inside crafting! Join us as we begin our new adventures!
Crystal Kellner

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