Monday, April 10, 2006

Mama Can't Sing!

This is going to be such a nice week! I can't believe this weather! Why do I have this cold again?

MM and I had a good weekend. We didn't do too much. It was dedication Sunday at church where they paid a dedication to the new babies of the church. There were 17 babies total! That is a lot of lovin'! They gave a rose and engraved bible to the babies, and then we had a potluck after the service. It is great to see such a growing church, it also makes for an interesting church service, including MM. She is usually makes her presence known as well.

When we came back home I let her play outside for awhile. I let her play in her good clothes. She is growing out of her clothes so fast, I guess she should get some use of her good clothes. I was really suprised how this picture turned out. I think she fell down in the and she wanted me to pick her up. The lighting in this picture is very intersting. She looks like an angel.

Sunday night when it was time to get her jammies on we were jammin' to an old Wynonna CD in the radio. It is so cute to watch her dance. She definitley has her own groove going on. I was singing to her and she was dancing. Then she put her hand up to her ear, I guess I can't sing. And my one year old daughter had to tell me!

Thanks to the warm weather, the Big Guy is working late. Supper is now ready and he said he would be home at dark. He wanted me to save some dinner. I am sure there is enough roast and potatoes to go around! Once or twice!
Crystal Kellner

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