Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Again, Who needs sleep?

Last night I wasn't home. I had a marketing meeting for our customers. I get home just in time for M&M's bed time. She is tired and in my lap as soon as I get thru the door. I eat her left over shells and cheese and we take her upstairs for bed time! Now she is starting to feel a little warm. Big Guy is telling me about all the fun they had tonight working on the mower, changing the oil, taking a ride on the golf cart. I am sure she was a big help changing the oil, she has the grease on her fleece jacket to prove it! We are on wash cycle #2 trying to get that out.

M&M isn't doing any better thru the night. She is restless, and I take her temperature, it's 101. Where did all of this come from? It was a long (or short) night for us. M&M had a rough night. Big guy had to wake us up before he went to work this morning. There were plenty of things to do around the house. We started with the kitchen. M&M loves to help unload the dishwasher. She took the mixing bowl for my KitchenAid out of the dishwasher and walked it right over to the counter the mixer was sitting on. I am impressed, of course, she loves watching us use that mixer. She always requires a spatula for herself, hoping to get a taste of the icing I usually make. She is also very interested in stirring everything. I see her in a couple of months wanting to visit us cooking while sitting on the counter. Then she is standing over by the table. She wants to sit at the table, which is unusual for her. So I sit her up on one of the chairs with her milk and she's pointing at the animal crackers. She is sitting so well at the table like a big girl, so I continue to clean in the kitchen.

We had a good morning and she took a long nap. In the afternoon we went for a ride and she fought her car seat the whole time. She did not get a nap this afternoon. M&M went to bed early. I hope we have a better night.
Crystal Kellner

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Staci said...

Good luck getting some sleep tonight! Sick kids are no fun, but the well times make up for it all. My oldest LOVES to "help" in the kitchen these days. She has her own tiny apron and the whole bit. I can't wait till she's actually old enough to take over some chores and cooking!

Thanks for checking out my blog. And welcome to blog world - watch out, it's addictive!