Monday, February 15, 2016

Promise her Anything, but Give Her a Farm Family

Dave asked me yesterday if I remember Valentine's Day 15 years ago.  

I don't.  

I really don't remember a Valentine's Day before Dave.  I remember Valentine's Day 14 years ago.  There were no surprises that day at work.  It was a Thursday, and we had made plans to have dinner on Friday.  I had to wait until the 15th. 

14 years ago he asked me to marry him at Lake Bloomington.  He took me there after work. I don't remember any snow on the ground but it was a chilly afternoon. Engaged in February and married in December. 


Some Valentine's Day we go to dinner, sometimes I get roses.  It is never the same with Dave.

 This year it was Valentine's Day dinner with the whole family. 

 Our family is complete, and now we have our own home. So many projects in store for us this spring/summer.

Beginning this new chapter of our lives in the little slice of country, the possibilities are endless. I am sure he remembers our talks about where we wanted to live and what we wanted our kids to do. My vote was, live in a country and raise livestock. His vote was, live in the country and hunt and fish. 

 Not sure if he thought I was a serious as I was, but I still have plans for our family.  I am glad to give the kids the opportunity to have chores, responsibilities and a way to help others.  

Promise her anything, but give her a farm family.  And watch them grow. 


Crystal Kellner

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