Thursday, February 18, 2016

Indiana Ice Fishing and Fresh Bluegill Dinner

Ice fishing in Indiana.  It sometimes looks like the picture above.  Even though I do not know anyone in that picture, we know weather in Indiana changes everyday.  Sometimes you are the only guy left out there ice fishing. If it's warm enough to go without your shirt, you probably shouldn't be on the ice!

As a mom, ice fishing makes me nervous.  So does any other activity! If you are a mom, you understand! 

Back on the ice....

Look, hun. Everything is going fine!

Line is in, everyone is happy.

The boy has found his favorite spot.

Nothing is better than fresh bluegill dinner.  Macie even went out one evening to go catch a few with dad.

 Ryan even caught a couple Northern Pike at the Willow Slough Lake.  Some fishermen call this Poor Man's Lobster.  Tastes good, it is a challenge removing all of the rib bones.

Fresh fish is my farmer's favorite meal, in the summertime or during the winter. Fishing is one of his favorite hobbies.  Taking the kids is an extra treat!!

Fresh Bluegill Dinner 

1 box Shore Lunch Dinner Original Mix
2 cups milk
3 cups Crisco Vegetable Oil

We recommend soaking your fish in water after you have skinned the fish.  The night before you are ready to fry the fish, drain the water, and cover the fish with milk.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees to keep you fish warm while frying all your fish.

Fill oil in your Fry Daddy Deep Fryer to the fill line. Plug in and preheat.  Prepare your fish.  Remove fish from milk, set on paper towels.  You can use the baggie supplied in the Shore lunch mix, or use a gallon size zip loc bag and put in one pouch of mix.   Add a couple pieces of fish at at time and shake.  Add to separate plate to get ready to fry.  When  your oil is hot, start adding a couple pieces of fish to the fryer.  Keep a good eye on it, and when it's golden brown, remove and let rest on a pyrex pan with paper towels.  You can add the pan to the oven if you desire to keep the fish warm if you have a big batch. 



Jan said...

I have never gone ice fishing! I think my husband would LOVE to go one day! I grew up in Colorado and Kansas, but there is not enough Ice in Virginia to give it a go! Thanks for the beautiful photos and story! AND for sharing it with us over at Country Fair Blog Party! Please pop over and share some more with us! I can't wait to see what else your gang has been up too! Jan @ Tip Garden. http://www.thetipgarden.com/2016/04/country-fair-blog-party-april-16.html

Crystal Kellner said...

Thanks for stopping by! The boys love fishing, can't wait for it to warm up and get the boat out!

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Crystal Kellner said...

Victoria, Thank you for your comments! Have a great day!

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