Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Mason!

We would like to wish this special little guy a very 
Happy Birthday!
He turns 3 today.

Mason likes to:
Run fast
Hide in stores
Eat Macaroni & Cheese
Play with legos
Play with tractors
Drive dad's truck
Play with legos and tractors on the kitchen table while we eat.
Read books
Eat Pancakes

Mason doesn't believe in:
Mason's favorite questions:
Can I watch the Dukes?
Are we feeding barrows?
Are we walking barrows?
Do you drive mom's truck?
Do you drive dad's truck?
Do dog's poop?
Can I ride a horse?
Can I play too?
Can I have a puppy?
Can I have a fruit snack?
Mom, can you go fast?
Can I go with you?
Can I have some 'wawberry milk?
Can I go home?
Can I see?

Crystal Kellner

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