Monday, April 20, 2015

Turkey Hunting Season Opens This Week

I have always joked about my husband.  If it walks or flies, he hunts it.  I sometimes label myself "hunter's widow".  Jokingly.  Reallly.

It wasn't long after I met him I was introduced to his hobbies.  For my birthday, three months after we met, he bought me a fishing pole.  It was just what I wanted.

Sometimes I struggled with his hobbies.  I decided I needed one.  It was called shopping and crafting.

Three kids later, I am lucky to shop or even step foot in my craft room at the end of the day.

I haven't actually gone turkey hunting. I have scouted for turkeys, stopped in the middle of the road to look at turkeys, looked at them through binoculars, but getting up really early is not for me.

In Indiana, turkey season opens on April 22nd.  I marked this in my planner. In other words, it means, my husband will be hunting that weekend (if he is not working), and don't make any family plans.  Shopping anyone? Oh, I just opened my planner and Macie's first softball game is Saturday.  We will have to hold off shopping plans!

One thing my husband enjoys is sharing his love of hunting with our kids.  Ryan enjoys getting up early to go hunting with his dad.  Macie would rather stay home.  Ryan has joined his dad for turkey hunting for a few years.  I am not really sure how that all works out, and how long Ryan can actually go without talking. 

I thought I would sit down with Ryan, age 7,  and talk to him about his hunting experiences with his dad:

What is your favorite part about hunting? I like scouting.

What is your favorite animal to hunt? That is hard, because I like duck, deer, turkey and squirrel hunting.

Do you have a hunting story to share? I remember a duck hunt at the Wilough Slough.  We were close to limiting that day at the Lake Seven blind. We hunted six wood ducks, one gadwall, shoveler, and one hen and one drake mallard.

Why does your dad take you hunting?  To show me how to hunt, so I can pass that on to my kids.

What is the hardest hunt, where you need to be the quietest? Deer hunting

Did you ever get to take a friend hunting? I have hunted with Tanner, Kyle and Logan.  Their dads like to hunt with my dad.  It is fun because we hunt from the same blind and watch our dads hunt.

What is something you need to practice to be a better hunter?  I need to work on my shooting skills. I also need to work on calling in ducks.

Crystal Kellner

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A Kansas Farm Mom said...

My boys love going out to hunt as well. I won't forget how excited my oldest was when he shot his first turkey and how proud is was for weeks. Thanks for linking up to the Country Fair Blog Party!