Thursday, September 30, 2010

How does God get to work?

On my way to work this morning, the kids were full of questions for me. In the morning I could drive all the way to work with the radio on, even though I change the station again and again, looking for a song I like, and not wanting to listen to any news. Depending on the morning, the kids may sleep all the way to town, especially during harvest. But today, they had lots of questions.
Ryan asked me "Where does God live" Before I could answer, Macie answered for me, "Somewhere between here and the North Pole" That answer worked for Ryan, because the next question was, "How does God get to work?" That requires a tougher answer. I know God works through my kids everyday! It's the simple things they say, or the tough questions they ask, it's God speaking to me through them.
One day on the way home from work, Ryan was thoughtfully looking out the window asking "Where is God?" I may not be looking for God everyday, but he is looking for us, protecting us, and making sure we get to work.
Crystal Kellner

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