Friday, March 28, 2014

Farmland, The Movie

Passion and family are the two words my husband described this movie when we left the theater. If you haven't watched the trailer for the movie, check them out on Facebook, or check out all the cast at Farmland.

It's a real-life dirt, sweat, and tears documentary, you are going to laugh and you going to cry.  These farmers were real, and honest and I left the movie feeling like I really know them, just like any farmer I work with day to day.  Family based business, like farming, is hard.  Farmers and producers normally work with their families all day long, and sometimes that can be trying on a relationship. I always hope at the end of the day we can "hang our gloves up" and walk in the back door and focus on the family 100%. That is easier said than done.

"It's not done until the corn is in the bin." This was one quote that stuck with me. Maybe it's because it really relates to my job. Harvest is the completion of a long process of preparing, planting, plowing and praying.

I hope those who are skeptical about farming practices sit down and watch the movie.  You are going to see the passion these farmers have for their job, their lifestyle.  Ranchers, chicken farmers, pig producers, farmers, produce growers.  This movie focuses on younger farmers, either starting up on their own or coming from a few generations of farmers.  They all come from different backgrounds, and have different goals for their operations, and they don't all agree on everything, and the movie portrays that. The important things they do agree on, is ownership, sustainability, and raising a safe product for the consumer.

The Movie will come out May 1st, great idea to get everyone excited about farming and planting in the spring, but I hope farmers take a break from field work to check this movie out!

 Stacy from The Backroad Life and I at the sneak preview.  

Dave & I attempted a selfie!
Crystal Kellner

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