Monday, June 12, 2006

Slow down JUNE!

Where has the time gone? Summer is almost here, and weekends just slip away from us. MM loves her new toys - thanks to mommie :) I have realized she has PLENTY of clothes so I am moving on to my next hobby - toy shopping. She is starting to get a nice Little Tikes selection. I am still on the hunt for a Little Tikes Picnic Table. If all else fails, I will go buy one at Toys r Us. We spend the evenings watering flowers and playing outside until she is very tired! My laptop crashed last week, so I am out of comission on downloading pictures until I get it back.
Crystal Kellner

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Christina said...

Hi there! Have you tried looking on for the table? We've managed to find a lot of good condition used toys for Cordy there.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little girl is too cute, and looks to be just as energetic as mine!