Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Who Needs Sleep?

After making the cookies and finishing up the NCAA square winners, it was a late night. I finished the dishes and I had a hard time finding my way to bed. If I am guessing it was around one am. You are sitting there with your eyebrows raised at me. I am tired and my eyes are bloodshot. M&M decided to wake up a couple hours early. I put her in bed with us. She wasn't ready to go back to bed. I gave her a book- in the dark. She played with it for awhile, and then was leaning over me pointing at something on the night stand I coudn't see - it was dark. She kept repeating "Mom, Mom" I handed her the other book and then a bottle of her lotion. What does she want? Of course, the whole time the Big Guy is sleeping, or playing possum. He does that so well. He had a lot more sleep than me at this point, too. He requires more sleep than me, with is odd, I think.
Crystal Kellner

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