Monday, April 03, 2006

Mantic monday!

Finally! Game over. I stayed up to watch the NCAA game. I really can't tell you who won, or who played, but I know I matched a score, so I won! Imagine that, Not much luck on my side most of the time.

Seems like I had a long day. The Big Guy thinks he neeeds to be on the other time zone, just to confuse the family. That's ok, supper will be on later for you buddy!

I made cookies for a work meeting for tomorrow night. It never fails, the cookies won't turn out like planned. Maybe it was planned on the the Big Guy's part so he'll have more to sample at home.

M&M went down fast tonight. She was exhausted. I couldn't get her in the house when we got home this afternoon. She was determined to walk to the end of the lane. Logically, when you get to the end of the lane, you turn back around. Not this little girl. She's on a mission. I am not sure what she is scouting out on a country road, but she is headed East now. Headed for what? I am not sure. She's getting cold and she's walking faster. She fell down four times, but she's tough, she is on a mission. M&M, it's time to go to the house. M&M walks faster. M&M, you are getting too cold. M&M walks faster. I scoop her up and she is mad. Maybe she wanted to show me something down the road, but I didn't see anything. Time to go to the house and get warmed up, maybe a diaper change, too. Does she care, no. Her mom has her, and it's not fun going back to the house. Sometimes I am glad we live in the country. No one can hear us yelling at each other. This time M&M is yelling at me, play time isn't over. If she only knew the Big Guy expects dinner when he he gets home.
Crystal Kellner

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