Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shopping Diva

Last night I took MM shopping with me. She has been under the weather for a few days, and she even had a temperature when I picked her up. The trip to the stores gave her time to take a nap. You probably think it wasn't nice of me to take her out when she wasn't feeling very well. Sometimes she sleeps the best in the car when we are traveling. Anyway, I had a Little Tykes slide set that was on hold for me at a resale shop. I had to pick it up last night, or someone else would have the opportunity to buy it. I can't believe how much those toys cost! I can't believe how much all toys, clothes and shoes costs for little toddlers! My sis and I went shoe shopping this weekend and the prices for toddler shoes is outrageous, they costs as much as my shoes. I do believe toddlers need good shoes. They are still clumsy and need good support for their growing feet. I think MM was in her last size for four months. Now we are growing into the next size. What the big guy doesn't realize is that every year, every season, she needs new clothes. I think I do a good job buying clothes on sale, or at resale shops. I have totes and totes of her clothes from last season, not willing to give them up- just yet.

By the time we got to the stores, she was already feeling better. MM Loves to talk to other people at the stores. She waves real big a them, a few will wave back. Some people love that attention. When MM gets bigger we will talk about talking to strangers!

I have found more uses for the handicap bathrooms. It is more space for moms to pull in their stuff, carriers, strollers, baby bags. Now that I have a very active toddler, I was weary about going to the restroom yesterday, but I thought I would try. MM thought it was very intersting, when she squatted down, she could see under the door and see all these feet coming in and leaving the restroom. Of course I had the fear of her crawling and wandering off and I would not be able to get her. That would be a difficult thing. She behaved very well. We went out to eat after shopping and she was a little princess at Chilis. She loves mac and cheese. I couldn't believe I was eating supper with this little person.
Crystal Kellner

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IzzyMom said...

I recently got rid of a bunch of my kids' baby clothes. It made me really sad...