Thursday, April 06, 2006

M&M slept thru the night. She had a rough morning. M&M is a morning person, so when she doesn't want to get up we know she doesn't feel the best. Every morning when the Big Guy wakes her up, she is always pointing towards the door, she can see the light from the bathroom where I am getting ready. He will get her out of her bed and she will come running into the bathroom. This morning after he sat M&M down, she went straight to our bed. She wasn't ready to get up and wanted to lay back down on our pillows. I felt guilty I didn't stay home with her again today, but M&M made it thru the day and when I picked her up she looked like she was feeling better. It was a long day at work, and it took longer than I expected to get things done at work.

Every night when we get home, she is ready to play outside. It doesn't matter how cold it is, she doesn't want to come in the house. This afternoon when we got home, I carried her into the house. It was drizzling and I didn't want her out in the cold rain when we are trying to get her better. When we got in the house, she went over to the patio door and tried to open it up. She is getting tall enough that she can reach it. She is not strong enough to turn the knob, but she knows what it is for. (When I pick her up at the sitters, she heads straight for the door, she is ready to go home.) So this evening while she is begging, in her own little way, to ask to go outside, I ignore her. I leave her coat on and work on getting supper ready. I know if I take her coat off she would get very upset. She is then occupied with pots and pans and spots a Schwan's push up in the freezer. M&M didn't eat much all day so I knew she would be hungry when we got home.

When the Big Guy gets home, M&M thinks she can get him to take her outside and play. She wimpers for a little bit, this is sort of a routine she has down. They will spend time outside before supper is ready. He starts to warm up dinner for M&M. She seems very interested in his coke, she he pours some in a cup for her. As soon as he turns his head, she decides to take a drink, a big one, and it's all over the place. I have never seen a bib hold back that much liquid. Sometimes the big guy should wear one, too.

I did get the oil stains out of her coat, now I have another load of laundry to do. I didn't have to worry about stains and wear and tear on her clothes last summer. She just sat there and looked pretty. This year, I know she will be out in the flower garden with me. If the Big Guy teaches her anything, she will be digging up worms.
Crystal Kellner

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