Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Day as a Cavalier

This day is hard.  Writing this post is hard.  

We are not moving. Ever.  Again. 

Today is the last day kids are a Cavalier and last day at Tri-County schools.  

We didn't move across the country like some friends I know who are making that move soon.  We have always lived in Jasper County and in the Rensselaer school district, but it was convenient to take the kids to Tri-County because that was the same town I work in. If the school needed a volunteer, I was there. If someone was sick, I was there less than five minutes.  It worked.

First Day of School 2015

Macie starts middle school next year, this is a big move and decided it was time. Ryan will be in 4th grade, and Mason will be in Pre-K.

Great friends were made about eight years in preschool at Tri-County, and we continued to stay at Tri-County schools.  It was a great decision.  The teachers are amazing, the families are awesome. The school was a great atmosphere for the kids.

Preschool gang
We took lots of pictures in preschool!

First Day of School 2015
Student Council Homecoming Float


Student Council buddies - All Hands on Deck!

Tri-County Schools has always put on an amazing Christmas Program.  Such a blessing.  You can't help but get goose bumps every time the 5th graders sing Silent Night.

Tri-County Christmas Program 2015

Sports and clinics offered to the kids was a great opportunity.

Winter Basketball

Winter Basketball
DARE Essay Winners. I left a leadership meeting early to rush to the school to see the 5th grade DARE Graduation. I am so glad I did because Macie was the DARE Essay Winner from her class.  All the winners read their essays at the graduation.

DARE Essay Contest Winners

Spring Baseball
The kids won a lunch with the Principal during the TC PTO Spring Carnival.  She took the kids out separately and she wrote to me, "Enjoyed having lunch with this fine man. You have polite, considerate children who are a joy to be with!"

Ryan picked Bells in Wolcott. 
Lunch with Principal Mrs. Bordner
Macie picked Subway in Wolcott.  Mrs. Bordner said, "Enjoyed having lunch with your sweet Macie today!"
Lunch with Principal Mrs. Bordner

Field Day 2016

Planting seeds at the Intermediate School for a butterfly pollinator garden Monsanto and the TC FFA are sponsoring.

Macie almost getting her hands dirty.

Last bus stop in Remington. By the end of the year, the Brook's bus stop in town turned into our bus route as well!

Last Day of School 2016

The bittersweet day.  I didn't think we would make the switch to Rensselaer this soon, but I knew the day would come.  

It's amazing to think about all the friends and family who have helped with carpooling to and from preschool, games, events, feeding them snacks and subway, buying them Gatorade because mom won't, watching them while Dave and I work long harvest hours, making sure they did their homework.

I hope they are strong when they leave school today, hug their teachers and friends, and walk out proud.  We are so proud of them.  They both received student of the month awards, Honor Roll, perfect attendance, Cavalier Character award, and Student Council.  They make us so excited about what lies ahead for them!

It definitely takes a village to raise my monkeys, oh, I mean children.  

Our village is growing and expanding. We will meet new friends and family. Great opportunities are coming!  Rensselaer is dear to Dave because that is where he went to school, and he's excited about his kids becoming a BOMBER!
Last Day of School 2016

Crystal Kellner

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Stephen said...

What great memories your kids will have of their time at the Tri-County school. But, when they return after summer, I'm sure they'll love the next stage of their adventure!