Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

So proud of my kids. They really enjoy working in the barn, and spending time with their 4-h projects.  These Mother's Day pictures are not fancy, but just shows them getting dirty in the barn.  Just how I want them to remember growing up.  Working hard and being responsible for chores and animals.  The best part is sharing their experiences with their friends and family.  Explaining to others how we care for our pigs, how feeding is important for show pigs and how we take extra care of them.

It doesn't matter what special time you spend with your kids, if it is at dance, ball practice, ball games, or in the barn doing chores.  It is quality time spent with kids.  Kids need our attention, they need our approval. Be present, and encourage them.

My barn rats.  I love them.
Crystal Kellner

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