Monday, September 12, 2011

School Board Meeting - Student of the Month!

Tonight we went to the Tri-County School Board Meeting. Macie was recognized as one of the Students of the Month in the Primary School. Her Teacher, Mrs. Ingram recognized Macie and another student in her class. When they were presented the award at school, the Principal, Mr. Ulrich asked Macie was was her favorite thing about school. She said "Art!" Mr. Ulrich said "Maice seems creative, look at the way she dresses." Mr. Ulrich also asked Macie what she likes the best about Tri-County school, she said "The teachers are very nice!" That answer led to an "awwwww" from the people attending the meeting! She recieved at special "Student of the Month" pencil, that Mr. Ulrich said "had all the answers" and a gift certificate to Pizza King! Macie said she was going to drink her $3.00 in coke!!
Crystal Kellner

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Leontien said...

Whooohooo Congrats! you must be so proud!!!

big hugs