Monday, May 08, 2006

Tea for Two

Tea for two? This girl runs on caffeine and M&Ms! Chocolate is her FAVORITE! and we have to HIDE it from her. Now... lets talk about the baby! HA. M&M is maybe learning bad habits from her mommie, but I've seen a grandma here and there sneak in some chocolate (a bunny EAR) or some ice cream! We are just happy she has her appetite back and is feeling 100%. Look at this face, I think she's onry!

We had another big weekend of visiting PaPa for his bday and attending a Mother/Daughter banquet. There are new babies at church and I can imagine how happy the new mommies were to bring their new baby girls. Last year I carried M&M in her car seat and she slept thru the dinner. This year, she helped herself to her own plate. Time flies and babies grow to fast. These new mommies will wish the same thing next year. Is there a way to stop time? Not sure if I could figure that out. Is there a way to stop them from crawling up the stairs? or having the notion to jump off the couch? My house will never be the same. I swore I picked up the living room last night when we got home from the banquet. And I remember this morning all the toys I stepped over on my way out the door. Life seems chatic, but I wouldn't change it for the world, or to be debt free, or to be a size 5 (i'd take size 9). When people visit, they can step over the toys, just don't step on a weeble wabble.
Crystal Kellner

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Lisa said...

LOve that photo of you both!