Friday, July 31, 2015

Ag Question: What does 4-H mean to you?

Year #2 of the Jasper County Fair is in the books.  Congrats mom and dad! We survived and as we are preparing for State Fair we are already making a list of things do different next year. Things we need to buy, and other things we need to improve on.

2015 family picture

There are days when you are wondering why are we doing this? Why am I getting up early and staying up late to do chores? Who's project is this anyway? :)

Mason front and center for the beef show.
But the moment the kid head to the show ring for the first time, this mom gets a little teary-eyed, but don't tell the husband.

Ryan showing in mini 4-H swine show

Watching Macie improve her showmanship skills every time she went back into the ring was very rewarding. There are so many showmanship skills to work on!

Macie placed 2nd with Duroc gilt

I think she's growing up too fast!

I know the best part about 4-H is friends.  It's priceless and a forever bond.  Sure, there is some fun competition. These smiles, and the milkshakes, and the late nights make it all worth it!

Crystal Kellner


Stephen said...

4H isn't really a thing over here, although showing livestock at country shows certainly is. One of the funniest things I ever saw was the time my dad was showing a Shorthorn bull at the Red Hill Agricultural Show: as he was leading him round the oval in the grand parade, a pipe band started up. Turns out bulls REALLY don't like bagpipes and this one broke into a trot. Dad's left two furrows trying to pull up an unhappy ton of beef!

The Backroad Life said...

Lots of fun years ahead!! Love these pics!

Lori @ Our Life In The Pacific Northwest said...

Making memories they will never forget... ~Lori~

Crystal Kellner said...

Thank you for stopping by, Lori! My 4-H memories are some of the best ones growing up!