Monday, June 23, 2014

LOVE Your Garden!

We all heard that from our parents at the dinner table, to eat our vegetables, when we didn't want to finish our meal.  I couldn't leave the table until my plate was cleared.  There were starving children in the world. And I was leaving food on my plate. When I was a kid, I didn't believe my parents when they said that.  Now that I think of it, I have even played that "card" on my kids.  Why is it hard to get the kids to eat their vegetables? How can we get them to try new things? I hope by having the kids help us with our garden, they will have more appreciation for it.

I have always wanted to talk about my garden.  It's really my husband's garden, but we will talk about that later!

This is a few weeks back; the guys were looking over a few things, and the tomato plants that were just planted.  Scouting is important in the fields and in the gardens.  Bugs are detected at an earlier state. Any problems with the health of the plant can be closely monitored. I think this picture was taken shortly after a heavy rain we received. We were lucky we didn't lose many plants in the garden.

Our youngest one likes to jump over rows, and test our patience. He doesn't jump much, I mean he steps on the green beans, radishes and onions. 

His favorite was picking strawberries this spring. 

Go back a few years on this one. August 2009. Must have been a good year in the garden.  Kids always seem to be very excited to help out! It took me awhile to dig this picture out.  But I had to. Needs to be on this blog. It's one of my favorite and seems every year we put out the garden I remember this picture.

Kids are always very helpful in the garden from planting to harvest. This is the first step to introduce the kids to new ideas and new fruits and vegetables in their diet.  We will talk more about what's in the garden, how it's good for you, and what the kid's think about eating their fruits and vegetables!

This post is sponsored by Indiana's Family of Farmers, but all opinions shared are my own.

Crystal Kellner

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