Monday, February 03, 2014

Continuing the Tradition, 4-H

I know if you asked Dave and I what family traditions we would like to pass down to our kids, you will get entirely two different answers.  My mom always jokes when she goes through our childhood pictures, Dave is in pictures with lots of dead animals, fish, deer, coyote, rabbits, squirrels and I am pictured with live animals, cattle, sheep, and dogs :)  I think with what we learned growing up we can teach many new (and old) traditions to our kids. I will share pictures later of our earlier years, everyone needs a good laugh now and then anyway!

Tonight Macie had a 4-H meeting, and it brought back memories of many, many 4-H meetings my brother, sister and I attended on Saturday mornings.  Since C.J. is the youngest, he probably attended more, just by default, because he had to tag along! On the way to the fairgrounds, Macie said, "Mom, we need to start our own club." She must think her mom doesn't have enough to do! I assured her there were plenty of 4-H clubs in our county, we didn't need to add another.

Macie left the meeting tonight with an arm full of record books, project books and enthusiasm. She left the fairgrounds saying, "I didn't know I would have this much homework! "  She may have signed up for a "few" projects, but by the interior light in the truck, she read two chapters in her swine project book before we arrived home. The countdown begins! T-5 months! Time to get started on those projects!

Crystal Kellner

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