Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday in Orlando

I keep telling myself it's time to start blogging again, and I think I will do it "tomorrow" Now "tomorrow" has turned into MARCH! I will take this time on Spring Break, and start to blog everyday. I can do this, I am sure. Dave is watching NCAA Basketball right now. Odd to see him do this, most basketball in our house is only watched during tournament time.

Today was spent waking up to Meme cooking breakfast! We then headed to River Island for a few laps around the "river". One lap is 1,200 feet, so we trekked about 3/4 mile today around the river, and there is a current, so naps were in order for the kids after the lazy river!

It is so hard to get the kids down for bedtime during vacation, but Ryan's good night kiss included him saying "See you at Breakfast time".

I am sure the kids are dreaming sweet dreams, anticipating their trip to the Magic Kingdom on Monday!
Crystal Kellner

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