Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Top 10 Things 4-H has Taught our Family

We are beginners here.  This is our fourth year in 4-H, and at the end of every year we always say, "We won't do that again," or "Let's do that again!"  We look back and laugh at certain things, and sometimes we talk about favorite barrows the kids showed.  I know when we get to year ten, our list will be different!  Raising kids on the farm is very rewarding.  Raising kids on the farm gives them a first-hand experience of many life-lessons. Some lessons are rewarding, some are hard.  

I spent my summers growing up in the barn and at livestock shows.  My friends showed livestock, we worked together and hung out together.  In my first year of 4-H, I use to tuck my jeans in my boots. Not sure I would repeat that fashion statement today, but by my tenth year, I owned different colored jeans, like black, red and a pair of striped jeans. Jeans went over my boots by then. Things change.  One thing that hasn't faded is the memories I had of that week at the fair.  I remember where we stalled, the judges and the friends we made that week.


  1. Hard Work Pays Off   This pertains to so many things. Practice makes perfect. It is very evident who has worked hard on a project on show day. It is noticeable as soon as the animal enters the ring.  If you want it bad enough, you will work for it.
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  2. Work Hard, Play Harder Fair time is a great time to kick back and relax and have a great time.  We always feel like we can relax the day after the show.  Then we enjoy watching the beef and dairy shows the end of the week.
    4-H Beginner Showmanship Winners
  3. Deadlines Deadlines are very important. Register for 4-H, deadline to register your animals, record book deadlines, and state fair deadlines. One day, your kids will have deadlines with their jobs, and hopefully these skills will help them meet their deadlines.
  4. Leadership Leadership skills are mostly learned through many projects, the hard projects you need to think and research about.  Leadership is gained through confidence and confidence is gained through perseverance.  Keep trying, and keep learning.
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  5. Friendships Remember those friendships I talked about at the beginning? My kids are now creating those life-time friendships now. Those friends are helping you feed, water, wash and prep for show day! Those are the friends you keep around! The mentors that are around the barns, they are great leaders to ask questions and learn more about your project!
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    Milkshakes are a must at our fair! 

  6. Have Fun There are so many projects you can do in 4-H, the kids have ventured and and tried new ones.  It is definitely something new for me as well.  We have fun with the foods project. You can find the Payday Chex Mix here.|
    Payday Check Mix Snack
    Champion Level A Microwave Cooking, Snack Mix

  7. Animal Health Vaccinations and flu shots are very important for the health of the pigs.  My inspirations of ever wanting to be a vet is now being lived through being a barn mom, and administering all shots to the pigs.
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  8. Respect  Have respect for your space and your neighbors space at the fair.  If someone needs help loading or unloading, be the good neighbor and help out. If you borrow show equipment, shovel, or show stick, remember to return it!
  9. It's more than Livestock We have enjoyed taking on different projects like Farm Toy Scenery, Electricity, Food, Microwave Cooking and Crops.  We enjoy walking through the buildings and viewing all the general projects, and make notes on the ones we want to try the next year.
  10. Make the Best Better  - Clean your pig pens, wash your animals, and know at the end of the day, you know you have tried your hardest. You never know, your kids may be making a path toward their future careers with their 4-H experiences. 

This post is sponsored by Indiana Soybean Alliance,but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Crystal Kellner

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