Saturday, June 20, 2015

Strawberry Glaze Pie

Strawberry season is one of our favorite times of the year. We always look forward to making pies, jam, strawberry shortcake and freezing berries for smoothies! 

I know Dave is really excited about strawberry season, always seems to end so soon.  His favorites is strawberry shortcake using his Grandma Lois recipe for the shortcake, and then strawberry glaze pie, using his parents strawberry glaze pie recipe.

 We have enjoyed picking strawberries for a long time. I remember when we took Macie in a stroller to the Pretty Prairie Berry Farm by Battleground! I also have video of her taking berries off the table and putting it into the pockets of my apron!

This picture was taken in May 2008, and I am sure Ryan was in a stroller on this trip. 

Crystal Kellner

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Jan said...

I love this, and can easily make this for my diabetic hubby using sugar substitute and sf jello! Thanks for sharing this great recipe on our PiDay Pie Party