Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mom, I Love You!

So things were running a little late this morning. Things? If you want to call my cold a THING. Keeps me up all night and doesn't want me to get out of bed. But I am trudging through this thing!

Ok, I was running late this morning!

I am not going to complain about my late hours at work during harvest, but it does take a toll on the kids, too. They were home before me, and still wouldn't go to bed until I got home. They have no problems going to bed when daddy works late!

So I decided to take them to school today since Ryan has preschool in the morning and they needed to be at the school at the same time. Macie stopped in to see her preschool teacher, Mrs. Beth. Then Ryan went down to Macie's room to see where she sits in the classroom. Mrs. Hageman changes their seating chart around, and that is a great idea! She sits by some handsome little boys, too! What a lucky little girl! She made sure she gave Ryan a hug and kiss before he went back to his Preshool class, and as I was walking out of her door, I heard her say "MOM" I turned around to see her standing there, and she said "I love you!" Today was just as hard for me as the first day of Kindergarten to leave her there at school.
Crystal Kellner

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