Friday, October 15, 2010

October Wedding

In October, we went to Jillian's wedding. I was working that weekend, and went straight to the reception from work.
Becca and Baylee were the flower girls.

Sarah, was a bridesmaid. Dustin dressed to match, not really, but funny how that worked out.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pre School Friend

Oh, don't tell Kate the Little Guy fell on her hostas. Why do her hostas look so much healthier than my hostas I made the kids stand in front of when we took pictures the other day in the fog?
Look how cute they are, She joined Little Guy, in the rocks. Oh what girls will do to sit by a boy :)
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Froggy Tuesday

Tuesday wake-up call same as usual, but when I woke up, I noticed the fog was bad, I couldn't see any of the neighbors lights. About 10 minutes before we were out the door, we received the phone call that school had a two-hour fog delay. Kids and I stayed a little bit longer at home than normal. Just spending a few more minutes with them in the morning was nice since I have been so busy with work. Before we left we picked gourds for the teachers, and took pictures with the kitty Ryan named "Blackie" You can tell in these pictures how foggy it really was. On our way to town, I got another phone call that school was canceled, and that meant Ryan's preschool was canceled for the day.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mom, I Love You!

So things were running a little late this morning. Things? If you want to call my cold a THING. Keeps me up all night and doesn't want me to get out of bed. But I am trudging through this thing!

Ok, I was running late this morning!

I am not going to complain about my late hours at work during harvest, but it does take a toll on the kids, too. They were home before me, and still wouldn't go to bed until I got home. They have no problems going to bed when daddy works late!

So I decided to take them to school today since Ryan has preschool in the morning and they needed to be at the school at the same time. Macie stopped in to see her preschool teacher, Mrs. Beth. Then Ryan went down to Macie's room to see where she sits in the classroom. Mrs. Hageman changes their seating chart around, and that is a great idea! She sits by some handsome little boys, too! What a lucky little girl! She made sure she gave Ryan a hug and kiss before he went back to his Preshool class, and as I was walking out of her door, I heard her say "MOM" I turned around to see her standing there, and she said "I love you!" Today was just as hard for me as the first day of Kindergarten to leave her there at school.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Mom, are we going to Florida??

This picture is from March, 2010, at the Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, Florida.

If you can believe me that by the end of the day, the kids (and I) are exhausted! The ride home, in the dark seems longer than on the way home, in the dark!

Tonight, Aimee helped watch the kids, took Macie to soccer practice, and then took them to McDonald's afterwords for supper.

I went a different route home, after I picked up the kids from McDonald's, and this totally threw them off. First because they know every landmark between here and home, and because they were really tired!

I always get the famous question, "Where are we going"

After that question, I answered, "Interstate" Ryan asked "Are we going to Florida???" Seriously! "I will take you to Florida, just not tonight!"

MM piped in and said, "Mom you are not allowed on the interstate without dad, you will get lost!"

"Macie, dear, how do you get to gymnastics?? By Interstate, in Mom's Truck!!"

Ryan told me, "Mom, you get ticket if you are speeding." No, Ryan, that wouldn't be me.

The ideas that run through their head! And when we got off the Interstate at the next exit, everything was familiar to them again, even in the dark.

"Oh, how did we get here!" Ryan started in on his own questions, and Macie told him, "I can't close my eyes when you are talking! "

Things were quiet until we got home, Macie was tired after soccer practice.
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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Time for Bed!

Macie and her creation, called a bear. It was constructed on the couch in the living room. When Big Guy saw her craft project, of Elmer's Glue, rounded scissors, and lots of construction paper, he told her to take her project back to the kitchen. I am not sure where she found the buttons, oh she is so resourceful. I bet if I was looking for buttons to fix a sweater, I would not be able to come up with any!

Did this weekend really happen? Or was it a continuation of the previous weeks, that never end? I had Sunday off of work, but those days off seem like a blur. The million things on my to-do list, don't get checked off. They just stack up!

Kids are sporting new jammies from Nana. She came over for the weekend, watch Macie play soccer on Saturday, but it was too cold and rainy on Saturday Morning. She took the kids to Nanny McFee Saturday night and they liked the movie!

Now it's time for the kids to head to bed. Rush around and come home, have a snack, do homework, go over classroom work, read a book, and head to bed.

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