Sunday, August 27, 2006


This picture of MM was taken before vacation. Corn on the cob is the best example of summer. When the sweet corn is gone so is summer. Summer really went by fast. The Big Guy commented how early it's turning dark. September is almost here. Not every project got done outside..again. This weekend I went outside and pulled weeds for one last time. The plants were looking like I needed to water them. We had about an inch and half of rain this weekend.

It's off to the races!

Every Wednesday in Longville during the summertime, HUNDREDS of people flock to this little town. The main road is blocked off for the weekly turtle race. Longville, MN is the Turtle Racing Capital of the World. MM was in Heat #7, There are 10 turtles in each heat. She WON! The Big Guy is experienced in this competition, so I guess he picked the winning turtle. My job was to take photos and keep the camera rolling. All the heat winners come back at the end of all the races (37 heats total) and compete against each other time. Looks a little crowded to me. The Big Guy got right in there. The lovely lady on the left about stepped on MM's turtle when she was on her way out of the circle. So that was the end of racing for this year. MM got a free ice cream from Frosty's . By the way, we love their Kemps cotton candy ice cream!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Fish...

There's lots of catching up to do. First, See the fish, and by the way, The Big Guy and MM get a picture by Little Boy Lake. What a vacation. We spent a week in MN fishing Little Boy Lake. It was HOT, HOT, HOT! I don't think that week it would have mattered where we vacationed, it was HOT everwhere!