Friday, May 26, 2006

Have a great weekend.

Nothing big happened around home this week. Finally planted the flowers in the pots! Then the next night it stormed, so they all had to go under the porch! Lots of rain this week. This weekend's project will be mulch. Nana & PaPa are over to spoil MM.

Some words MM is working on... crakers, shoes, cheese, grace, juice. Oh, and her favorite word is NO.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Good Friday!

During the day I usually talk to MMs babysitter via messenger. Today she signed on to tell me They were looking at MMs pictures on her web site. MM was telling her everyone in the pictures. Mom, Dad, and then Macie said her cousin's name, Delaney. I am sure it didn't come out perfect, but I was happy, I called the big guy at work and told him, too!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Why we don't own NEW things

This is a list of why we don't own NEW things
-My parents threw out their old end tables one weekend and I loaded them up in my truck and glued the legs back together and they now sit in my living room. MM got ahold of my drink last night and spilt the tea on one end table. It has a glass top. The tea ran under the top and it's sitting in a pool on both corners. How do we get under the glass. Is that why mom wouldn't let us bring drinks in the living room?

-Our couch and love seat was bought from a friend of a friend. It's beige...with tea stains!

-I went rummaging last weekend and bought 2 lamps to go on the end tables. They are a pretty crystal and I bought 2 new lamp shades to match my antique floor lamp-discovered at an auction. But the big guy thinks all this new light makes it too bright, so he's right behind me, dimming the lights.

-Our kitchen table is a hand me down. This table is also featured in the Big Guy's baby pictures! One time the drop leaf was not secured and tested before we set the table for dinner and the roast ended up on the wall and floor!

-The back door leads directly to the kitchen. There is no area to drop off shoes and hats and coats. We've tracked in so much in that kitchen. So I went to wal mart and bought this huge, pretty rug - it is not pretty anymore. I told the Big Guy, he can buy the next rug and see how much it cost. Maybe he'll take off his shoes next time he comes in the house.

Why don't we own new things? Maybe it's because we don't deserve them! Maybe its because we live like real people and walk in real dirt in our real shoes. We have hobbies, wait, HE has hobbies! I have MM to keep me busy. Life isn't perfect, and either is my house.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It was raining....all weekend...until this afternoon. It was raining when I attempted to straighten my hair, too. MM stopped long enough to get her picture taken with her cousin. The next day I went back to curly hair. The rain didn't stop the big guy from stopping at Rural King. I don't think we bought anything. MM took a few rides on the John Deere petal tractors. Couldn't get her away from the tractors. This is the big guy's way of keeping the rain off of MM.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Double Trouble

This is my little helper. Since planting season, I have been out talking to farmers and handing out coke and candy bars to our customers. One night I made a stop after I picked MM up. I think she's ready to go! Maybe she would have changed her mind if this 4-wheeler was turned on and running!

Is this what you could call double trouble? After I downloaded this picture today, it occured to me...what would I do w/ TWO MMs? Her real personality comes out in these pictures. She is so excited when her dad comes home early and then it is like she is making up for lost time, getting in all the play time she can before bed time. When it is bed time, she lets us know, she is half way up the stairs, ready for bath, jammies and bed time.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tea for Two

Tea for two? This girl runs on caffeine and M&Ms! Chocolate is her FAVORITE! and we have to HIDE it from her. Now... lets talk about the baby! HA. M&M is maybe learning bad habits from her mommie, but I've seen a grandma here and there sneak in some chocolate (a bunny EAR) or some ice cream! We are just happy she has her appetite back and is feeling 100%. Look at this face, I think she's onry!

We had another big weekend of visiting PaPa for his bday and attending a Mother/Daughter banquet. There are new babies at church and I can imagine how happy the new mommies were to bring their new baby girls. Last year I carried M&M in her car seat and she slept thru the dinner. This year, she helped herself to her own plate. Time flies and babies grow to fast. These new mommies will wish the same thing next year. Is there a way to stop time? Not sure if I could figure that out. Is there a way to stop them from crawling up the stairs? or having the notion to jump off the couch? My house will never be the same. I swore I picked up the living room last night when we got home from the banquet. And I remember this morning all the toys I stepped over on my way out the door. Life seems chatic, but I wouldn't change it for the world, or to be debt free, or to be a size 5 (i'd take size 9). When people visit, they can step over the toys, just don't step on a weeble wabble.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Left Over Candy

This is something I got this weekend from my sister's inlaw-inlaws...She makes toddler bibs. I love them, even though the sleeves are a bit long, it works out great and saves the outfits!

We are still finding left over Easter Candy around the house. I did buy her some chocolate for Easter, along what was in her eggs. Last night I found a box to put the eggs in and I was sorting through the eggs and found more candy. MM still refers to candy as "Yum,Yum."

We wore her out last night by playing outside before we cooked on our new grill. She likes to help outside, but we still have to keep an eye out on her. She has a mini shovel she will use to move around some mulch and dirt. Then she will be off and running in the yard. Like a boomerang, she comes back.

I am glad she is starting to feel better this week. Her sores are gone and she is in a better mood. Our evenings have become somewhat normal this week since the Big Guy has been rained out of working late nights. Last week he would come home around 9 or 10 o'clock. We are getting some honey-do jobs done, but there is lots to do at our house! We finally put her Little Tykes slide together. I bought it at a resale shop and got it for a great price. Thanks Nana! It took both of us to put it together. Of course, MM was right there , under all the chaos excited about her new toy. Last night when we unloaded the grill from the truck she was right there! Can't miss a thing.